Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better late than never!

I've been getting some pretty regular trouble for not blogging and keeping you all updated. So here goes. I am recovering well, all has healed and I have still noticed changes. I am still migraine free, I can still tolerate heat, my right hand still tingles like I have just come in from the cold. I have not noticed any difference in my balance, coordination or endurance. I am still hopeful that if I work on the physical strength then these things will improve. Over all I feel as though having the procedure done was 100% worth it. At the very least I got to go on a wonderful girls trip with my Mom and that is no small thing. I renewed my hope and I have improved my daily quality of life even if just the lack of headaches. At the most I took a step that has changed my future path. If CCSVI does turn out to be an answer in the fight against MS I will know that I took the plunge early and prevented further damage.
I thank you all again for following me on this blog through my adventure.



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